What CAN’T these pants do?!

Your body has never looked hotter, or felt cooler. Literally. Freddy’s patented D.I.W.O. PRO fabric makes you look sexy and feel invigorated. Wanna know how?



The D.I.W.O PRO fuses Freddy’s patented Dry In Wet Out Technology with the brand new Emana Technology: Rhodia Polyamide 6.6. This fabric is rich in Bioactive Minerals. Each time you wear it, these minerals soak into your skin, reducing imperfections and increasing elasticity. Wear the D.I.W.O PRO 6 hours a day for one month, and you’ll see all the benefits of a full cosmetic treatment!



It’s not just about looking good, either. Studies show Emana can reduce muscle fatigue and cut down your recovery time using your body’s own Far Infrared Rays. It even allows sweat to evaporate quicker, keeping you dry and comfortable. Cool, right?



And while the D.I.W.O PRO works to beautify your skin and keep your muscles happy, you still get all the lifting and sculpting action you expect from your WR.UP. Can your pants do all that? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Order yours now >>



November 04, 2016 by Pauline Costa

Freddy’s Fall Trend Forecast: Leopard Print Coats

The best part of fall is heading out into the crisp autumnal air, pumpkin spice latte in hand, to take in the scenery. The worst part of fall is that no one can see your killer outfit under your big cozy coat. Fret not, Fashionistas. Our next fall style staple will have you looking fierce on the outside, and feeling feisty on the inside.

It’s a little classy, a little catty, and it’s everyone’s favorite timeless print. Leopard Print never really goes out of style, and thank goodness for that. But now’s the time to channel your inner Cruella DeVille, because this season...

September 27, 2016 by Pauline Costa

Freddy’s Fall Trend Forecast: Cable Knit Sweaters

The world around us is absolutely stunning in Autumn. You can’t help but stop and marvel at the beauty of the leaves as they change color. And it gets you thinking “Man, this tree is more stylish than I am”. Well never fear, because Freddy is here with another hot fall style staple, just for you!

In the words of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, “Sweaters? For fall? Groundbreaking.” We know, we know, cable knit sweaters aren’t exactly a new trend for this time of year. But with the renaissance of 90’s style, we’re seeing more and more grunge-flavoured androgyny sneaking into our closets. That means big, bulky, boyfriend sweaters are very in right now. Look cute and cuddly with pastel colors, Freddy’s Medium Rinse Denim Effect Skinny Pants cuffed up to show off some frilly socks, and a pair of dainty ankle boots.

Or, embrace your grungy side, with a chunky...

September 22, 2016 by Pauline Costa

Freddy’s Fall Trend Forecast: Denim Shirts

Fall is every Fashionista’s dream season: Gorgeous boots, cool jackets and coats, and don’t even get us started on the cozy scarves. But styles change every year, you’re a busy person. That’s why we’ve done the research for you! Here’s one of our favorite Autumn Trends.

The head-to-toe denim look isn’t just for dads anymore. A denim button up is a staple for this season, walking the line between dressed up and dressed down. Wear it under your favorite crewneck sweatshirt with Freddy’s Dark Rinse Denim Effect Skinny Pants and some comfy heels for a great weekend look.

Or, add a little edge with a sexy...

September 20, 2016 by Pauline Costa


Toronto's first Freddy store opens this Saturday, September 12th! We'll be located at 336 Queen Street West.

September 09, 2015 by Pauline Costa

How to dress up your Freddy pants

Freddy's are comfortable, fashionable, and versatile; a fashion must have that you can dress up or lounge around in.

If you love our Skinny fit, you can outfit them like a skinny jean. Simply like this :)

Note To Self: Freddy's are not leggings or jeggings, and don't dare wear them to the Gym!

See how stylish they really are with some outfits to inspire you:

However, if you are looking for a more dressy outfit you can be inspired by these:

To dress them up be creative and invest in accessories.

Skinny pants are a timeless basic pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. With a good pair of Freddy you have endless possibilities!

Now you are ready to rock your new Freddy pants and show off your qualities ;)

March 18, 2015 by Pauline Costa

New Arrival - 3PRO Ballerina Shoes

Have you seen the new arrival?

Check the new 3PRO Ballerina Shoes:

Freddy started with the production of it's ballet and dance footwear in 1976 and continues today as a big part of thier DNA.  Fusing Fashion with dance and fitness it became  obvious to create a  product that represents Freddy in the most natural way to visualize the ballerina silhouette.

  • 3PRO (Three Piece Outsole)
This innovative and patented system had a specially designed sole which is divided not only between the “heel” and “ball” of your foot but also between the “metatarsal" and phalange “area” giving complete freedom and natural movement to the foot.
  • ITS (Impact Technology System)
This patented system is based on an elementary and original concept; In cases of impact most of the athletes weight is discharged on a small part of the foot, exactly below the heel which we have designed in “U” shape leaving a gap in the middle between each side, during impact the discharge of pressure on to the two sidewalls causes the impact to be absorbed through the middle and stabilized thanks to the highly resistant Tpu Bridge, This solution and the particular patented shape of the sole in the area of the heel has made it possible to use a material with a softer density than traditional footwear but still maintain structure.
  • D.I.W.O (Dry In Wet Out)

Thanks to the careful construction and particular treatment, this elasticized fabric offers the unique characteristics of transporting body sweat from the inside to the outside. This technology which was originally developed for the Freddy Garments has been adopted also by Footwear where we have engineered a special made material to give the feeling and structure of neoprene with the characteristics of a cotton based material resulting in high breathability and quickdry.

Are you in love? Check how to wear the 3PRO Ballerinas:

Available colors: Black and Pink

March 12, 2015 by Pauline Costa

Ways to wear ankle jeans

This is why we're obsessed with ankle-length pants: a well-fitting pair in a basic color can be worn anywhere. Everywhere!  The Ankle length sillouette should hit at the ankle, which continues to elongate the body rather than cut it into pieces. 

You can wear it with that sexy little top for dancing, or a with a simple shirt   layered with a sweater. The ankle length is functional, stylish and versatile.

For shoe lovers an ankle pant is a must have for this season. They show off what you want people to see.  You can dress them with boots, sandals, flats, flip flops, high heels, ankle boots and if you are not into the length that day then simply tuck them into a high boot. That's what we call versatility!

 Check some of the styles that we have in stock:

We have more! Check more ankle styles here ;)



January 10, 2015 by Pauline Costa

Freddy WR.UP®...Fashion Pant or yoga Pant?

Freddy WR.UP® may give some people the impression that it can be used while working out.  Props to upside down girl but these pants are meant to be used AFTER the GYM!! Try FREDDY SPORT with its D.I.W.O technology if your looking for something to run, train or get your BARRE on in. 
December 09, 2014 by Rahim Panju

Enjoy fall!

Fall is a a great time to style up by layering your wardrobe! What are you going to do this fall? We have some ideas to share with you ;)


1. Wear stylish and sexy clothes while still feeling comfortable and confident! Freddy pants are a perfect option!

2. Get out! Enjoy the weather and do something fun outside. If it's sunny, what about a picnic? If it's rainy, what about a good restaurant and cinema?

3. Grab a coffee with friends and spend your time sharing good ideas. Leave the phone at home.

4. Are you a Wine Lover? This is the perfect season to drink a glass everyday. It's healthy, and delicious.

5. Wear more color! You will look fresh, feel younger and it is sure to light up your day.


What do you like about fall? We would love to listen and share your tips.



November 06, 2014 by Pauline Costa