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Freddy D.I.W.O.® Sport Pant + Tank Set - Black


This New Freddy creation uses its Patented D.I.W.O fabric to help keep dryness in and wetness out as you sweat. WRUP Sport is ideal for all types of fitness enthusiasts no matter how intense the activity. From mountain biking to martial arts, dance to yoga; the Freddy Sport range will be your new fashion meets fitness must have.

DIWO is a specifically designed stretchy fabric with a unique ability to move sweat away from your body.
All garments made of DIWO fabric keep your skin virtually dry and at a constant temperature. This allows preventing and/or minimizing the unpleasant cooling sensation that occurs when you take a break. Such sensation is caused by the presence of humidity between your body and the fabric.


78% poly / 22% elastane

Wash in cold, no bleach, no iron, do not dry clean

Style 1001114 Black